Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center has grown into the premier center for cosmetic plastic surgery services in Winston-Salem. Dr. Wright founded the practice in 1989. They offer cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for the Face, Body and Breasts. They pride themselves as a practice that strives to offer each patient the best that is available whether the latest in technology or surgical technique.


Our office and staff reflect the experience of over 30 years in the practice of plastic surgery. We are dedicated to providing a positive atmosphere and strive to remain sensitive to the uniquely different needs of each patient.  READ MORE


It is my belief that one of my most important jobs is educating my patients. Many times, patients will have preconceived ideas about the results they hope to achieve. In our consultation sessions, an accurate evaluation of the patient’s objectives is critical, followed by a thorough explanation of the procedure(s) that will best accomplish the desired results, and there may be alternative choices we can offer the prospective patient to allow for a more informed decision.


Pre and postoperative photographs are taken of all patients for documentation of before-and-after results, and occasionally in the interim to demonstrate changes as healing occurs. These are placed permanently on file as part of the patient’s record. Additionally, these photos are occasionally used for teaching and demonstration, but with concealment of the patient’s identity, and then only with the patient’s permission.

“First of all, cosmetic surgery is not about “need,” it is about “wants,” based on the patients’ perceptions of themselves and their emotional desires. As a plastic surgeon, it is my responsibility to listen to each patient and understand his or her expectations. I must remember that, with surgery, I will be affecting a physical change that will cause the patient to experience a mental change, transforming his or her self-perception. To this end, as a surgeon, I must also be a counselor, a communicator, and above all, an educator to guide the patient through the myriad of procedural options touted daily by the public media.” — Dr. John H. Wright