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John Wright, MD - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
John Wright, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
145 Kimel Park Drive, Ste 280 Winston-Salem, NC 27103



Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John H Wright, MD

About Our Surgeon


_______________________ Plastic Surgery NC Overview

> Botox
> Breast Implants
> Breast Lift
> Breast Reduction
> Browlift
> Chin & Cheek Implant
> Ear Pinning
> Eyelid Lift
> Facelift
> Liposuction
> Rhinoplasty
> Tummy Tuck



North Carolina Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center has grown into the premier center for cosmetic plastic surgery services in Winston-Salem. Dr. Wright founded the practice in 1989. They offer cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for the Face, Body and Breasts. They pride themselves as a practice that strives to offer each patient the best that is available whether the latest in technology or surgical technique.

Staff and Plastic Surgeons at Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in North Carolina

~Dr. Wright's Philosophy~

"First of all, cosmetic surgery is not about "need," it is about "wants," based on the patients' perceptions of themselves and their emotional desires. As a plastic surgeon, it is my responsibility to listen to each patient and understand his or her expectations. I must remember that, with surgery, I will be affecting a physical change that will cause the patient to experience a mental change, transforming his or her self-perception. To this end, as a surgeon, I must also be a counselor, a communicator, and above all, an educator to guide the patient through the myriad of procedural options touted daily by the public media. A successful recipe combines sound surgical skill and judgment, with knowledge of the aging process and the patient's wants. Presently as we grow older we are feeling more healthy and vital, in contrast to our perceived appearance. Most frequently I hear, "I am looking older but I feel better than I look." In a society that places so much emphasis on youth, health, and fitness, people are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery to adjust their appearance to their mindset. Cosmetic surgery is an expanding and widely accepted aspect of our culture and lifestyle today. Far from the "Hollywood" narcissistic image of plastic surgery in years past, today it has led to considerable legitimate research in the anti-aging process and, under appropriate circumstances, its physical and mental benefits are well recognized. In this regard, my practice is a team approach and remains geared toward education and support of the patients so they may feel comfortable in their decisions and have realistic and long lasting outcomes in their treatment or surgery."

John H. Wright M.D.



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